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Plan your perfect trip with Weather Me Good - know the weather, discover top activities, and indulge in the best dining experiences! Get accurate forecasts for any destination city, along with personalized recommendations. Start exploring now!

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What is Weather Me Good?

Weather Me Good is a web app that utilizes AI technology to deliver accurate weather forecasts for your travel destinations. With its AI-powered features, it assists in trip planning by providing real-time weather updates and personalized suggestions for activities and restaurants.



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Weather Me Good FQA

  • How does this web app provide weather expectations for a city?icon plus
  • Will the weather responses be the same every time for the same city and dates?icon plus
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Weather Me Good Use Cases

This web app allows users to check the weather for their desired destination city during their travel dates.

The app utilizes the OpenAI API to provide dynamic weather responses based on current and historical weather data.

Users can select from a list of popular cities and input their travel dates to get accurate weather information.

The project was created out of curiosity for the OpenAI platform and its potential applications in making our lives easier.

The developer integrated Bootstrap for the UI and used the Orhanerday PHP Library for OpenAI integration.

The app sends queries to ChatGPT to retrieve the desired weather results.

The developer has made several iterations and updates to improve the app's functionality and user experience.

The app was launched on Product Hunt and received positive feedback.

Google Analytics was added to track user activity and keywords were included in the AI query to enhance the formatting and readability of the results.

The code was ported to the server located at Weathermegood.com and additional features were added, such as recommendations for places to eat and activities to enjoy.

The project was created by Vaughn Dabney and is powered by OpenAI.

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