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Boost your writing in Google Docs with Wraith Docs - the ultimate AI-add on! Paraphrase, optimize keywords, and add text lightning-fast. Say goodbye to writer's block with flexible prompts. Try it for free!

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What is Wraith Docs?

Wraith Docs is an AI assistant designed specifically for Google Docs™. It provides users with a comprehensive set of AI tools, enabling them to enhance their writing and editing process, resulting in improved efficiency and effectiveness.



Pros VS Cons

Wraith Docs offers a free open beta version with substantial token allowance, a variety of useful features, and compatibility with Google Docs, while also providing terms of service and privacy policy information.
However, it is limited to Google Docs, has a token limit of 250,000, potential open beta issues, no standalone application, and lacks multiple language support, specified data security, API mention, and may have limited features due to reliance on Google's system and terms of service.

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Wraith Docs FQA

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  • Do I get unlimited usage? If not, what are the limits?icon plus
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Wraith Docs Use Cases

Edit and polish your Google Docs™ with Wraith Docs

Paraphrase text in your Google Docs™ document with Wraith Docs

Expand upon your ideas quickly with Wraith Docs

Make text easier to understand with Wraith Docs

Optimize SEO with keywords using Wraith Docs

Add text fast and easily with Wraith Docs

Get answers to frequently asked questions about Wraith Docs

Find out why Wraith Docs is free

Learn about the limits and usage of Wraith Docs

Use Wraith Docs as a Google Docs™ add-on

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