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Xilinx Versal AI Core

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Experience the power of Xilinx Versal AI Core, the ultimate AI-optimized processor solution. Unlock up to 20x performance acceleration and effortlessly integrate AI models into your applications. With advanced security features, this flexible platform ensures superior performance and data protection. Accelerate your AI applications with Xilinx Versal AI Core.

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What is Xilinx Versal AI Core?

Xilinx Versal AI Core is a highly efficient and adaptable processor solution specifically designed for artificial intelligence applications. By combining Xilinx's cutting-edge compute cores and programmable logic, Versal offers an impressive 20x performance boost compared to traditional CPUs and GPUs. This exceptional performance allows users to effortlessly integrate AI models into their existing applications, saving both time and effort. Versal AI Core is capable of running deep learning and traditional AI algorithms, providing unparalleled flexibility and superior performance. Its seamless integration into existing systems and applications enables quick deployment and accelerated time-to-market. Moreover, Versal AI Core prioritizes data security with its advanced features such as secure boot, advanced encryption, and secure isolation, ensuring the protection of customer data. With its outstanding performance and versatile features, Xilinx Versal AI Core is the ultimate solution for customers seeking optimal results from their AI applications.


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Xilinx Versal AI Core Use Cases

AI inference acceleration at the edge and in the data center

Optimal AI inference from edge to cloud

Accelerate your whole application with custom accelerators

High throughput and low latency AI inference

Adaptable and real-time AI inference acceleration with Vitis AI

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