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Supercharge your data imports with YoBulk, the AI-powered CSV importer. Create import templates easily and integrate seamlessly with your SaaS app or use it as a standalone tool. Free and open source. Try it now!

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What is YoBulk?

YoBulk is an open-source CSV importer designed to simplify the process of data cleaning and onboarding. With its scalable and AI-powered solution, YoBulk offers a user-friendly interface and advanced features for importing, validating, and transforming CSV files. Its goal is to streamline the data management process and provide an efficient solution for businesses.



Pros VS Cons

YoBulk is an open-source tool with advanced data matching and cleaning features, user-friendly interface, and personalized validation rules, making it suitable for large-scale CSV validation and data onboarding, with additional benefits like GPT3 integration and Docker support.
YoBulk has limitations such as lack of support for non-JSON schemas, Oracle and SQL Server, absence of hosted version and 1-click data error fixing, dependency on Docker installation, and missing features like real-time data importing and NLP self-correction.

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