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Transform your communication skills with Yoodli AI - the ultimate life assistant. Get personalized feedback and guidance, improve public speaking, and speak with confidence. Unlock effective communication today!

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What is Yoodli?

Yoodli AI is a groundbreaking life assistant designed to enhance your communication abilities and increase your self-assurance. By utilizing Yoodli AI, you can receive personalized and confidential feedback from an AI speech coach. This advanced coach employs cutting-edge technology to analyze your speech and provide immediate guidance and feedback. With Yoodli AI, you can refine your public speaking skills and effortlessly enhance the quality of your communication. Additionally, Yoodli AI offers valuable insights into your communication style, enabling you to become more self-aware and make necessary adjustments. Regardless of the situation, Yoodli AI empowers you to speak confidently, clearly, and purposefully. Whether you are a student or a professional, Yoodli AI is ideal for anyone seeking to boost their communication skills. Experience the transformative power of effective communication by trying Yoodli AI today.


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Yoodli Use Cases

Improve your communication skills with private, real-time, and judgement free speech coaching on your online meetings - powered by AI

Set up the desktop app and connect your calendar. Yoodli will automatically give you coaching during the calls you care about!

Yoodli will give in-the-moment nudges to help you sound confident during your call. Don’t worry, it’s only analyzing you!

Measure your improvement with a dashboard showing your statistics over time! See how you’re doing relative to recommended benchmarks

Trusted by employees at the world’s best companies

Get personalized and private analytics on your visual, verbal, and vocal delivery. ~~Um~~ no more filler words, ~~you know what I mean~~?

Practice an interview with live follow-up questions

Get feedback on your content and delivery with AI Speech Coach

Warm up your speaking with AI-powered drills

Use Yoodli whenever you speak

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