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Learn and grow with Unschooler.me's AI-powered video courses. Get personalized feedback and interact with videos to enhance your skills. Achieve your career goals with project-based learning.

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What is Unschooler.me?

Unschooler offers AI-powered, personalized video courses that allow users to interact and receive feedback. It enables individuals to engage with videos, provide additional information, and submit assignments for evaluation by an AI mentor. The process involves identifying personal interests and skills, selecting a career objective, and acquiring comprehensive knowledge through project-based video courses.



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Unschooler.me Use Cases

AI transforms your curriculum, knowledge base, videos and files into online-school with engaging video courses.

Create a course for your personal career or your students

Learning space for your students and colleagues

Autogenerated AI Courses, Selling, Embedding, Students progress, Whitelabel, SSO, API, and more.

Convert your YouTube channel into a step-by-step courses, with quizzes, practical tasks and assessments, AI chat and Certificates.

Specify learning outcomes and assessments to get personalized unique curriculum and content.

Students can talk to your course, ask your videos, generate bookmarks and get feedback from AI.

Generate interactive Quizzes. Test students skills. Collect student results and track progress.

Practical projects with clear, step-by-step instructions.

Course for minutes: just add your YouTube channel or copy-paste learning objectives and AI will create the entire course for your students

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