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Discover Your Music Marketing - Launch advertising campaigns on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram & Facebook in just 2 minutes. Optimize with algorithms, track impact on streams & social media. Boost your music now!

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What is Your Music Marketing?

What is Your Music Marketing?

Your Music Marketing is a user-friendly platform designed to assist musicians in effectively promoting their music on various social media platforms through targeted ad campaigns based on genre. By simply clicking a few buttons, users can simultaneously launch ads on popular platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Additionally, the platform offers real-time tracking to monitor the impact of these ads on the growth of followers and music streams.


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Your Music Marketing Use Cases

Launch genre-based ads campaigns simultaneously on Tiktok, YouTube, Instagram & Facebook in less than 2min and track the impact of your ads on your number of followers and streams in real time!

Promote your latest release by launching ads simultaneously on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram & Facebook. It takes less than 2 minutes and it's monitored and optimized by our unique AI.

Achieve better conversion thanks to our good-looking Release Card that maximize the engagement with your fans. Choose your favorite CTA, write a short text, add a personalized video, customize your follow buttons...

Track your campaign results in real time and analyze your data! We use our own evaluation system that will help you understand the results of your campaign.

Our Artist Dashboard brings you all the essential insights concerning the conversion of your campaigns: track the impact of your ads on your number of followers and streams in real time, and access all the essential data about your social media.

Launch your campaigns in few clicks and track your results in real time on an accessible budget.

Launch your campaigns on social media and promote your music to increase the visibility of your projects. Promote your latest release with a custom Release Card, boost your fans' engagement and reach new ones.

Centralize all of your artists and their audience on the same platform. Launch all your ads from the same platform. Optimize your budget and simplify the tracking of each of your campaign.

Launch all your ads and centralize all of your artists and their audience on the same platform. We are adapting the number of artists and our fees according to your needs.

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