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2siq - Effortless AI Email Replies

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Effortlessly draft AI email replies with 2siq - simply forward your emails to ai@2siq.com and receive editable drafts. Customize your response with a one-liner directive. No more lengthy threads or inbox access required.

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What is 2siq - Effortless AI Email Replies?

What is the process for forwarding emails to [email protected] and receiving a draft reply to edit and send?"

To facilitate a seamless email forwarding experience, simply redirect any email to [email protected] and you will promptly receive a draft reply that can be customized and sent. Our system ensures that you are not required to copy lengthy email threads or grant access to your inbox. Additionally, you can include a concise directive, such as "great idea, but no bandwidth for 2 weeks," within a one-liner to be incorporated into the draft reply.


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