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Enhance productivity with Smart Assistant, the AI-powered email assistant that writes, responds, summarizes messages, and boosts spelling and grammar. Find contact info and to-dos effortlessly.

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What is Smart Assistant?

Mailbutler is a highly efficient email software extension plugin designed for Apple Mail, Gmail, and Outlook. It serves as a valuable tool to boost productivity and maintain a professional approach in email management. With its wide array of features, Mailbutler significantly improves communication and organization within the realm of email correspondence.


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Smart Assistant Use Cases

Smart Assistant can track emails to see when, how often, where, and on which device they were opened and links were clicked.

Smart Assistant allows users to schedule emails to send at a different time or optimize the sending time for them.

Smart Assistant enables users to create and customize professional email signatures or use templates to save time.

Smart Assistant helps users stay organized by adding automated tasks to emails and contacts.

Smart Assistant allows users to add informative notes to emails and contacts to remember important information.

Smart Assistant enables users to create their own email message templates and easily insert them into emails.

Smart Assistant provides detailed insights into contacts and helps manage them effectively to improve customer relationships.

Smart Assistant allows users to temporarily hide emails from their inbox to improve communication and manage their inbox effectively.

Smart Assistant enables collaboration on notes, tasks, contacts, templates, and signatures with team members.

Smart Assistant is an AI-powered email assistant that can write, respond to, and summarize emails, improve spelling and grammar, and create tasks and contacts automatically.

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