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Automate customer service and enhance experience with AI Chatbots from Pulse.is. Personalized, accurate responses 24/7. Save time, money, and improve satisfaction.

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What is AI Chatbots?

Pulse.is offers AI Chatbots that are the ideal solution for businesses seeking to automate customer service and elevate the customer experience. Our chatbots, powered by artificial intelligence, are specifically designed to deliver personalized, timely, and precise responses to customer inquiries, regardless of their complexity. Available round the clock, our chatbots efficiently handle customer requests, furnish product information, facilitate purchases, and more. By employing AI Chatbots, businesses can save valuable time and resources while ensuring an exceptional customer experience. Our user-friendly chatbots seamlessly integrate with existing customer service systems, and our AI technology enables natural language processing and intuitive comprehension of customer intentions, resulting in improved accuracy and responsiveness. From providing instant responses to enhancing customer satisfaction, to cost reduction and streamlining of customer service processes, Pulse.is AI Chatbots empower businesses to optimize their customer service endeavors.


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AI Chatbots FQA

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AI Chatbots Use Cases

Use AI chatbots in messengers to provide advanced, automated responses and help users with a wide range of tasks.

Create an AI chatbot that generates answers to questions using neural network technology.

Simulate a human manager with the AI chatbot, ready to answer client queries.

Combine premade chatbot flows with AI to provide clear answers, connect with a manager, or use a payment system.

Provide instructions for the AI chatbot by adding plain text, no coding skills required.

The AI chatbot will pause when the manager joins the chat to allow for consultation.

Configure AI chatbot in messengers by signing up for Open AI, creating a SendPulse account, and entering the Open AI key in chatbot settings.

Learn more about connecting GPT-3 technology to chatbots in messengers on the SendPulse knowledge base.

Watch the video guide on configuring AI chatbots in messengers.

Digital marketer Alex explains how ChatGPT technology works and the benefits of integrating OpenAI and SendPulse for your business.

Create AI chatbots in messengers and share your feedback on the Product Hunt page.

Test the chatbots created by SendPulse on Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

Subscribe to SendPulse's social network pages and YouTube channel for more helpful digital marketing information.

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