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Optimize OpenAI usage and avoid billing surprises with AI Spend. User-friendly cost tracking, analytics, and charts provide insights for efficient cost management.

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What is AI Spend?

AI Spend is a comprehensive tool designed to assist users in effectively monitoring and managing their OpenAI usage and associated expenses. By offering valuable insights and timely notifications, it ensures that users are well-informed and prepared, avoiding any unexpected financial burdens. Additionally, AI Spend enables users to effortlessly track and analyze their API costs, enabling better control and optimization of their expenditure.



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AI Spend FQA

  • What are the costs associated with AI Spend?icon plus
  • How is my API key stored?icon plus
  • Can I remove my data?icon plus

AI Spend Use Cases

Monitor your OpenAI API costs

Keep track of your OpenAI usage and costs with AI Spend and never be surprised again.

Fast Insights: Register an account, add an API key, get insights within 1 minute.

Beautiful Dashboard: All your data is centralized into one place.

Cost Insights: Get clear insights into how much OpenAI is costing you.

Be Notified: Get daily, weekly, and monthly notifications with your spending.

Usage Analytics: See what's your usage & cost trends are.

Models & Tokens: Discover which models and how many tokens you're using.

What are the costs associated with AI Spend? AI Spend has simple pricing. There are no additional costs, the OpenAI API calls we use for usage history are free.

How is my API key stored? We take security seriously. Your API key is stored safely and encrypted in an industry-standard vault and is only unlocked when the system retrieves usage history (hourly).

Can I remove my data? Absolutely. We also take privacy seriously. The second you remove an API key, all usage history will also be deleted. Forever. (well, until you add the key back ๐Ÿ˜Š)

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