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AmpUp: AI-powered user interviews and surveys. Craft long-form questions and let our AI ensure detailed responses. Elevate your research process.

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What is AmpUp?

AmpUp.ai is an AI-powered platform designed to enhance audience insights through open-ended qualitative surveys. By leveraging AI technology, the platform ensures high-quality responses while providing personalized follow-up questions to engage users and gather pertinent information.


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Pros VS Cons

AmpUp offers a range of pricing plans, personalized follow-up questions, unlimited surveys, and a user-friendly interface, making it easy to analyze qualitative feedback and increase response rates.
However, the limited free plan, expensive higher-tier plans, lack of API and integration options, absence of real-time results and mobile application, and no multilingual support or offline survey capability may limit its overall functionality and flexibility.

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AmpUp Use Cases

Run open-ended qualitative surveys with our AI assistant

Gain a better understanding of your audience by asking for relevant details and information. Improve the quality of responses you get.

Ask personalized follow-up questions that relate to what the user is talking about.

Surveys designed to understand trends in consumer feedback, personal coaching, and employee experience. Get to the heart of any issue.

Create surveys for consumers, employees, and personal reflection

Unlimited Surveys

25 Total Responses

Email Support

Unlimited Surveys

100 Responses/Month

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