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Perfect your sound effortlessly with AutoTune Pro. Fine-tune pitch and timbre, create harmonies, and achieve professional results in no time. A must-have tool for musicians of all levels.

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What is AutoTune Pro?

AutoTune Pro is a highly advanced pitch-correction and audio-processing software that caters to the needs of both aspiring and professional musicians. This tool helps musicians achieve the perfect sound in their recordings by allowing them to adjust the pitch and timbre of individual notes or entire recordings effortlessly. Its user-friendly graphical interface and advanced sound-shaping features enable users to fine-tune their tracks with precision. Additionally, AutoTune Pro offers real-time pitch-correction for live performances and allows users to create vocal harmonies and pitch-shifted vocal effects. With AutoTune Pro, musicians of all levels can achieve professional-quality results with minimal effort. This versatile tool is a must-have for any musician, providing an intuitive interface and powerful capabilities to enhance their musical creations.


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AutoTune Pro FQA

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AutoTune Pro Use Cases

Auto-Tune Pro X is the most advanced Auto-Tune edition ever. It includes a redesigned Graph Mode for detailed pitch and time editing, Auto Mode for real-time correction, runs natively on Apple Silicon, and has ARA2 support for Logic, Cubase/Nuendo, and Studio One.

Auto-Tune Artist meets the demanding needs of working musicians, producers, and live sound engineers. It includes all of the advanced real-time pitch correction features of Auto-Tune Pro X, and is optimized for low latency performance on stage or in the studio.

Auto-Tune EFX+ 10 combines the core features of Auto-Tune with the powerful EFX modular multi-effects rack.

Auto-Tune Access 10 puts authentic Auto-Tune capabilities within reach of everyone.

Auto-Tune Vocal EQ isolates and accentuates precise frequencies to make vocals sound smoother and shine in the mix.

Auto-Tune Slice is a hybrid of a precision sampler and flexible synthesizer, allowing you to play voices like instruments and turn endless samples into songs.

Auto-Tune Vocodist allows you to produce the unmistakable vocoder effect made famous by artists like Daft Punk and Kraftwerk.

Auto-Tune Hybrid is the ultimate real-time tuning solution for Pro Tools and Avid DSP hardware, including Carbon interfaces, HDX systems, and VENUE | S6L live sound systems.

Auto-Key 2 is the automatic key, scale, and tempo detection plug-in which easily identifies primary musical properties to assist music creators and speed their workflows.

Auto-Tune Vocal Compressor combines the most popular vocal compression styles and controls into one powerful plug-in.

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