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Draft updates effortlessly with AI in Broadcast. Share on Slack and Email. Collaborate seamlessly and track readership. A simple, fast, and easy update writing tool.

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What is Broadcast?

Broadcast is a communication tool designed to facilitate the swift creation and distribution of weekly updates among teams. By incorporating artificial intelligence, it automates the process and allows updates to be shared effortlessly via Slack and Email. Its primary goal is to streamline the sharing of updates, making it a seamless and pleasant experience.



Pros VS Cons

Broadcast offers quick and automated drafting, sharing, and tracking of updates, saving time and streamlining the update process, with added features for collaboration, privacy, and security.
However, it lacks a mobile app, has limited platform and integration options, no offline capabilities, and may have limited collaborative features, making it less flexible and lacking audience targeting features.

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Broadcast Use Cases

Broadcast is a tool that allows users to quickly draft updates with AI and share them on Slack and Email.

Users can connect Linear and GitHub to make writing weekly product updates faster and less overwhelming.

Broadcast helps users share growth recaps over email and Slack, providing insights into who's reading them.

Cross-functional teams can use Broadcast to simplify communication and reduce time spent on status meetings.

Broadcast gathers information like metrics and tasks before users start typing, saving them time and helping them take back control of their schedules.

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