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ChatInsight.AI: AI-powered question-and-answer chatbot for accurate, multilingual consulting. Train it with a customized knowledge base to answer enterprise-specific questions. Accelerate onboarding, resolve customer issues, and streamline business operations with custom chatbots.

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What is ChatInsight.AI?

ChatInsight is an AI-powered question-and-answer chatbot that utilizes the Large Language Model (LLM) to provide accurate and multilingual consulting services 24/7. By leveraging semantic understanding, it offers customized solutions based on a business's specific needs. With ChatInsight, you can train the chatbot with a personalized knowledge base to answer enterprise-specific questions, enabling breakthroughs in large language models like ChatGPT. This versatile tool can be applied in various scenarios, including sales consultation, customer support, training, pre-sales, and post-sales inquiries.

One of the key benefits of using ChatInsight is its ability to build different types of chatbots. For example, you can create employee training bots that accelerate onboarding by granting new hires access to files, documents, wikis, and more. Additionally, customer support chatbots can assist support agents by providing necessary assistance and frequently asked questions, helping to resolve customer issues efficiently. Another valuable use case is the creation of marketing support bots that cater to both employees and clients. In summary, ChatInsight empowers businesses to develop custom chatbots tailored to specific tasks, ultimately streamlining operations and workflows.



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ChatInsight.AI Use Cases

Use ChatInsight.AI to centralize knowledge and data, scaling up your internal & external support capabilities

Train ChatInsight.AI with your custom inputs to deliver accurate responses

Build an IT Internal GitHub Base with ChatInsight.AI to break knowledge silos and centralize corporate knowledge

Automate employee onboarding with ChatInsight.AI and free up HR/IT teams to focus on growth

Create a company wiki with ChatInsight.AI to quickly provide general company information

Set up a help center with ChatInsight.AI to provide faster response and professional answers

Develop a marketing conversational chatbot with ChatInsight.AI to understand customer needs and optimize services

Experience complete automation without configuration with ChatInsight.AI

Scale up support without increasing cost using ChatInsight.AI

Leverage ChatInsight.AI to intelligently support more than 30+ languages

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