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Create personalized chatbots effortlessly with Build Chatbot, the unique no-code builder. Extract precise information from audio and video files using your private data. Empower your business today!

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What is Build Chatbot?

Build Chatbot is a versatile no-code AI chatbot builder that excels in providing quick and easy customer interactions. Trained on private data, this chatbot supports multiple formats including audio, video, and various file formats. By understanding and adapting to different forms of communication, it greatly enhances user experience.


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Build Chatbot FQA

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Build Chatbot Use Cases

Save your visitors hours of searching and scrolling through your website.

Capture every customer question with Build Chatbot's unique chat history feature and witness a soaring 40% boost in conversions.

Unlock the potential of truly personalized AI with Build Chatbot.

Set up your personalized chatbot.

Train your own Chatbot.

Your bot is ready for conversation.

Seamless Zapier Integration for Enhanced Automation.

Introducing Live Agent Chat Support in Slack!

Elevate User Engagement with a Full-Page Chat Widget.

Effortless Excel Support for Knowledge Base.

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