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Train a custom AI chatbot effortlessly and provide instant support on your website with Instant Answers. No coding skills needed. Get real-time answers to user queries now!

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What is Instant Answers?

Instant Answers is an innovative AI-driven chatbot builder designed to effortlessly train and personalize a chatbot to deliver immediate responses to visitors on your website. By utilizing Instant Answers, you can automate your customer support, elevate your customer experience, and optimize your time management. This platform provides a fully customizable chatbot and a comprehensive knowledge base, enabling efficient and effective support.



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Instant Answers Use Cases

Train ChatGPT on your website and get Instant Answers to any questions.

Create a chatbot from your content, embed it on your website, and answer any question in real-time. - No Coding Required!

Create, customize and embed your chatbot on your website in a few seconds.

Train your chatbot. Upload your content and train your chatbot in seconds. Easily upload your files or input your website and we will retrieve all the pages and content needed to train your chatbot.

Customize your chatbot. Match your brand and style. You can easily customize your chatbot's appearance to match your brand and style. Our user-friendly interface makes customization a breeze!

Embed on your Website. Easy and Flexible Integration. Choose from two integration options: a floating chat bubble or an iframe. Simply copy and paste the script code provided into your website's code. No coding skills required!

Enhance your customer service with a smart chatbot built around these robust capabilities

Easy Training. Create an AI chatbot in minutes. Upload content or enter a website URL, and we'll handle the rest.

Data Versatility. Accepts a wide range of formats - CSV, PDF, TXT, DOCX, or even a URL. We extract and learn from the data.

Chatbot Customization. Modify your chatbot's appearance to match your brand's aesthetics and style with our user-friendly interface.

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