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Learn web development with CodeAcademy's comprehensive curriculum. From HTML and CSS to JavaScript, Python, and Ruby, build real-world skills for your career. Join our supportive community and start mastering web development today.

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What is CodeAcademy?

CodeAcademy is the go-to platform for individuals seeking to learn web development. Our comprehensive curriculum covers everything from the basics of HTML and CSS to more advanced topics such as JavaScript, Python, and Ruby. Through our interactive lessons and practical projects, you'll have the chance to build a portfolio of practical skills that will propel your career or enhance your current position. Our courses cater to all levels of expertise, whether you're a novice or an experienced professional. Rest assured, our expert instructors will teach you the latest and most relevant coding techniques. Additionally, our supportive community of coders is readily available to provide assistance and guidance. Begin your web development journey with CodeAcademy today and embark on the path to becoming a master in the field.


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CodeAcademy Use Cases

Get access to our annual plans starting at ₹499 a month using code DIWALI2023

Explore free or paid courses in topics that interest you

Learn Python, JavaScript, and more

Choose your career. We'll teach you the skills to get job-ready

Find definitions, code syntax, and more -- or contribute your own code documentation

Learn about technical concepts

Review concepts from your courses

Test your knowledge and prep for interviews

Practice and build your portfolio

Watch tutorials, project walkthroughs, and more

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