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Boost your code integrity with CodiumAI. Our dev tool helps busy developers generate meaningful test suites interactively within their IDE. Supports Python now, JS & TS support coming soon.

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What is CodiumAI?

CodiumAI is revolutionizing and streamlining Code Integrity by developing a developer tool. This innovative tool allows busy developers to effortlessly create significant test suites directly within their integrated development environment (IDE). Currently, CodiumAI offers support for Python, with upcoming support for JavaScript (JS) and TypeScript (TS).



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CodiumAI FQA

  • Why don’t I just ask ChatGPT/Copilot to write my tests? How is CodiumAI different?icon plus
  • When will I be able to start using CodiumAI? Is it free?icon plus
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CodiumAI Use Cases

Generate meaningful tests for Python, JavaScript, or TypeScript code

Code smart and get full visibility of how your code behaves

Create value by spending fewer hours writing test cases and more time developing useful features

Stay confident with meaningful tests that check your code's functionality

Support for all major programming languages and git code hosting services

Improve code integrity with CodiumAI's generative AI tool

Boost productivity and workflow with CodiumAI's Visual Studio Code plugin

Enhance the quality of your code with CodiumAI's unit test generation

Improve code reviews and catch edge case bugs with CodiumAI

Write code that works the way you meant it to with CodiumAI

Get non-trivial tests suggested right inside your IDE with CodiumAI

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