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Enhance your website's FAQ page with Comntai - the ultimate widget that allows visitors to ask questions in any language and receive instant responses. Boost engagement and provide exceptional customer support!

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What is Comntai?

Comntai is a cutting-edge AI-powered FAQ chatbot that seamlessly integrates into websites. It efficiently offers precise and immediate responses to inquiries posed by visitors.



Pros VS Cons

Comntai offers a wide range of features including customizable branding, no-code integration, spam classification, and multilingual support, with a pay-as-you-go pricing model and a 14-day free trial.
However, it has limited pricing options, lacks integrated user feedback system, and relies on manual spam marking, requiring an editor for accuracy improvement and a database of questions for optimal performance.

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Comntai FQA

  • What is the pricing for Comntai?icon plus
  • How can I customize the appearance of the chatbot widget?icon plus
  • Can Comntai support multiple languages?icon plus
  • Is it possible to integrate Comntai with different platforms?icon plus
  • How many chatbots can I create with one Comntai workspace?icon plus

Comntai Use Cases

Build an advanced Q&A chatbots

Imagine your site having a Q&A chatbot that responds to your visitor questions with correct answers instantly.

Seed your questions

Automatic SEO

Powerful and flexible

Speak any language

Infinite customization

Pay one, have many

One account, multiple sites

Use Comntai Anywhere

Team collaboration

Custom domain

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