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Discover LitGrades, the ultimate AI flashcard generator for students. Experience seamless learning with our sleek interface and interactive platform. Create or explore flashcards effortlessly.

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What is LitGrades?

LitGrades is an innovative flashcard platform utilizing AI technology to enhance personalized learning and studying. With LitGrades, students can effortlessly explore and create flashcards across a wide range of subjects including math, science, English, technology, social studies, history, general knowledge, and languages.


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Pros VS Cons

LitGrades offers grade 10 targeted content, customizable flashcard creation, pre-made subject decks, a user-friendly interface, and the option to explore beyond grade 10, making it a reliable and accessible educational app with unique topics and accurate flashcards.
However, it is limited to 10th graders, lacks offline access, sharing features, customization of the interface, multi-language support, API integration, teacher access features, cross-platform support, and the ability to print flashcards.

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LitGrades FQA

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LitGrades Use Cases

Study on the go with AI powered flashcards.

Search for Any Topic | Let AI make Flashcards | Study and Save for Later

Use AI to create flashcards on any topic by just searching for them.

Made for Grade 12 - Coordination Compounds

Made for Grade 8 - Hindi Songs

Made for Grade 12 - Phone Numbers

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