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Unlock endless creative possibilities with Daydrm.ai - an AI tool for on-demand advertising ideas. Empower your creativity with a language model trained on captivating human-written campaigns.

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What is Daydrm.ai?

Daydrm.ai is an AI-powered solution designed to assist creatives and agencies in generating innovative advertising ideas and strategic briefs. By harnessing the power of GPT-3, a highly advanced language model trained on real human-written creative advertising campaigns, Daydrm.ai offers on-demand concepts to advertising professionals, enhancing their creative process and strategic planning.



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Daydrm.ai Use Cases

Creative outputs on-demand for agencies, brands and studios. LLMs trained on human-written creative advertising campaigns and more

Generate an idea

Try all Generators right now with free credits. No credit card required

Custom-built training data based on campaigns recognized by Internally-compiled structured dataset exclusive to Daydrm

Multi-output generators

Generate three outputs at once with a single brief

People are turbocharging their strategic and creative output with Daydrm

"It saddens me to say that my first test with this was not awful." - Eran Thomson, Creative Director

"This is the advertising version of the self-checkout." - Vicky Murphy, Creative Director

"This is amazing. If this is where we're at today, where will be in 5 years? Or 5 months?" - Dan Nelken, Marketing

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