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Boost team efficiency with Dropbox Paper - the ultimate collaboration tool. Real-time editing, task tracking, and seamless file sharing. Stay organized and productive!

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What is Dropbox Paper?

Dropbox Paper is an innovative collaboration tool designed to enhance team efficiency. By providing real-time editing, comment capabilities, and task tracking, it streamlines teamwork and promotes organization. Whether team members are in different locations, Dropbox Paper facilitates seamless document creation and project collaboration. Its user-friendly interface enables easy file sharing with both colleagues and external stakeholders. Moreover, Dropbox Paper offers an array of useful features including task management, inline commenting, and smart document outlining. With its intuitive design and productivity-enhancing features, Dropbox Paper empowers teams to collaborate effectively and maintain high levels of productivity.


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Dropbox Paper Use Cases

Real-time editing for teams

Create better, together

Keep everyone organized

You work with more than just words—so does Paper

Capture inspiration on your phone or tablet

Let Paper do your busywork

Get started with a Paper template

Meeting notes

Launch plan

Brainstorm ideas

Product spec

Creative brief

What customers are saying about Paper

See how Paper can make your ideas better and brighter.

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