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Transform your hand-drawn animations effortlessly with Ebsynth. Animate existing footage using styled keyframes in this free software app. Speed up your animation process now!

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What is Ebsynth?

EbSynth is a powerful software tool designed to enhance videos through the process of painting over a single frame. With its unique capabilities, it breathes life into paintings by seamlessly applying the painted style across the entire video, resulting in captivating animated visuals.



Pros VS Cons

Ebsynth offers single frame transformation, artistic video editing, rapid propagation on videos, requires no additional hardware, is easy to use with a free download, provides regular update information, has strong community engagement, and allows artistic footage transformation.
Ebsynth lacks a mobile version, advanced editing features, API integration, real-time editing, collaboration tools, multi-frame editing, one-on-one customer support, and has limited social media engagement, while also being in the Beta stage which may cause potential instability.

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Ebsynth FQA

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Ebsynth Use Cases

Bring your paintings to animated life.

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