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Encord DICOM Tool

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Streamline workflow and increase productivity with Encord DICOM Tool. Store, share, and enhance medical images for efficient research and diagnosis. Ideal for medical professionals and researchers.

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What is Encord DICOM Tool?

Encord DICOM Tool is a software specifically designed for medical professionals and researchers to effectively manage and manipulate medical images. This user-friendly and intuitive tool offers a range of features aimed at streamlining workflow and increasing productivity. With Encord DICOM Tool, users can securely store and easily retrieve medical images, as well as share them with colleagues and collaborators. The software also provides powerful tools for enhancing and modifying images for research or diagnosis purposes. It is particularly beneficial for those who deal with large volumes of medical images and require efficient storage and quick access. Additionally, Encord DICOM Tool offers advanced tools for image analysis, allowing users to manipulate images to enhance details or add annotations. The software's secure sharing capabilities facilitate seamless collaboration with colleagues. Overall, Encord DICOM Tool is designed to simplify and expedite the storage, sharing, and manipulation of medical images.



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Encord DICOM Tool Use Cases

Label large training datasets from modalities including CT, X-ray, PET, ultrasound, mammography, and MRI

Equip annotators with a collaborative medical labeling solution offering native DICOM and NIfTI image rendering

Configurable window level presets, multiplanar reconstruction (MPR), worklist support, maximum intensity projection (MIP), and a wide range of annotation tools

Build detailed workflows for expert review, annotator management, and role-based access control

Create nested classifications with advanced labeling ontologies to support labeling operations

Simplify regulatory requirements like FDA and CE approval with data pipelines, auditable labels, quality control, and de-identification features

Annotate CT images for stroke detection, pulmonary embolism diagnosis, and colonography

Classify X-rays for lesion tracking, oncology monitoring, and pneumonia diagnosis

Annotate mammography and breast tomography images

Use pre-set or custom windows in MRI for brain aneurysm segmentation, tumor classification, and cyst localization

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