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Effortlessly grade essays with EssayGrader's AI-powered software. Save time with feedback reports, error analysis, and essay summaries. Discover the future of grading with our upcoming AI detection tool.

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What is EssayGrader?

EssayGrader is an online tool designed specifically for teachers to evaluate and grade essays and papers. This innovative grading assistant utilizes artificial intelligence to deliver precise and valuable feedback on written assignments. Both educators and students can benefit from EssayGrader, as it facilitates the enhancement of writing skills and streamlines the grading process. With features like essay grading, essay revision, paper checking, and an AI-powered essay checker, this tool ensures accurate assessment and offers a free essay checker for added convenience.


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Pros VS Cons

EssayGrader offers detailed feedback reports, grading level based rubrics, and quickly identifies improvement areas, significantly reducing grading time and providing examples of feedback reports.
However, it is unable to grade handwriting, lacks plagiarism detection, is not multilingual, lacks a mobile app, has limited free plan options, and is dependent on quality rubrics, while also being unavailable offline and lacking real-time grading.

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