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Experience the power of Fabrie AI's GPT and Stable diffusion on an infinite whiteboard. Boost your creative workflow with advanced AI-generated text and images for efficient and effective design inspiration.

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What is Fabrie AI?

Fabrie is a cutting-edge online collaboration platform tailored exclusively for designers. This innovative platform seamlessly integrates the idea of an infinite canvas with the functionality of tables, promoting design thinking and facilitating the creative process within a single unified space. Serving as a versatile design sandbox, Fabrie empowers users to explore, experiment, and collaborate effectively.


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Pros VS Cons

Fabrie AI offers a wide range of features for design collaboration, including an infinite canvas, real-time brainstorming, and mobile view, with user-friendly templates and tools for efficient workflow.
However, it lacks advanced commenting, offline mode, version control, integration with popular tools, and multi-language support, making it less suitable for non-designers and requiring a constant internet connection.

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Fabrie AI Use Cases

When infinite canvas meets tables, create with clarity. 10x faster than before and now comes with AI.

Research and Explore

Start by documenting your research on fabrie. Remember the good old whiteboard in your studio? Now it goes digital. Mind maps, flowcharts, drawings, sticky notes and insights should be visual. They should also be arranged like they are in your head.

Ideate and Evaluate

Whiteboarding sessions always bring surprises. No more need to take photos and read the blurry handwriting after meetings. With fabrie, you can communicate with your colleagues anytime, anywhere you want, even asynchronously with the team.

Review and Iterate

A well-documented design review is gold. Still looking for last week's design file in the folders and reviews on chat? Seeing all the iterations at once on the board brings more clarity. It also enables streamlining presentations and archiving.

Prototype and Fabricate

Build a team database without coding. Still using a spreadsheet to manage a material library? You need a shared one. Fabrie's user-friendly database, comes with custom views for everyone on the team and links to items on the board.

Present and Show

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