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Streamline front-end development with Vivid's AI-powered browser tool. Click, generate, and sync your code effortlessly for a hassle-free coding experience.

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What is Vivid?

Vivid is a comprehensive solution that facilitates the seamless transfer of Figma designs into fully functional components for developers. By empowering designers to take charge of the user interface, it effectively reduces unnecessary development tasks. With Vivid, designers can effortlessly hand off ready-to-use components, allowing developers to concentrate solely on enhancing functionality.


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Pros VS Cons

Vivid offers a user-friendly interface, in-browser visual editing, automatic code generation, and real-time updates, increasing productivity and saving time for web app development.
However, it lacks offline functionality, multi-browser support, mobile app styling, localization support, and advanced features for developers, and there is no mention of integration with IDEs or collaborative functionality.

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Vivid Use Cases

Promote your designs to production.

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