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Unlock language potential with GPTionary - the user-friendly, powerful thesaurus fueled by advanced language models. Empowering non-native English speakers for better education and job opportunities.

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What is GPTionary?

GPTionary is an AI-powered tool that combines the power of GPT and open-source language models to offer precise word and phrase explanations. Its primary aim is to aid students, teachers, and lifelong learners in enhancing their vocabulary.



Pros VS Cons

GPTionary is an efficient and reliable educational tool that supports lifelong learning, enhances knowledge base, and provides clear word descriptions, with a support system in place and direct contact for assistance, all while being free during its Beta release and offering donation support.
However, GPTionary has restricted access, frequent error messages, and limited userbase due to the requirement of a validation key, reliance on community leaders for access, and no public use allowed.

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GPTionary FQA

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  • Why are there error messages popping up?icon plus
  • Why is my key not working?icon plus
  • How can I get further assistance?icon plus
  • Can I use GPTionary without being a community leader?icon plus

GPTionary Use Cases

Search for words or phrases much quicker by describing them below.

In just 10 days, users from 100 countries have accessed GPTionary.

Questions outside its scope are not answered for educational purpose.

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Access to GPTionary will only be granted to community leaders, such as school teachers, principals, and officials. If you need a key, please email us at gptionary@gmail.com with valid credentials, such as a professional email address or official document, to verify your identity.

Error messages keep popping up? To prevent misuse, we may pause responses. Please refresh the page and try again. Please note that your search history will not be saved after refreshing.

Key not working? If your key isn't working, it could be due to it being misused (such as making repeated inappropriate requests) or possibly even leaked to the public. To avoid this kind of misuse, we only allow access to GPTionary for verified communities. If you're having trouble with your key, reach out to your community leader to get a new one.

Need further assistance? If you are still experiencing problems or have any feedback, please reach out to us at charlesshin@gptionary.org.

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