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Effortlessly respond to messages with Typly's smart keyboard! Generate contextually relevant sentences and seamlessly continue conversations with just one click.

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What is typly?

Typly is an advanced AI keyboard designed to simplify your messaging experience. With just a single click, Typly assists you in answering your messages by providing automatically generated sentences that are tailored to the conversation's context. This innovative feature enables you to respond swiftly and effortlessly.



Pros VS Cons

typly offers context-based responses, emotion-adjusted suggestions, and single-click message responses, helping users save time, boost conversational confidence, and maintain social contacts while providing an innovative NLP algorithm and unique texting experience.
However, typly has limited personalization, language support, and conversation context, potentially suggesting inappropriate sentences, relying on recent notifications, and lacking data protection details and third-party integration.

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typly Use Cases

Typly is an AI keyboard that suggests automatically generated sentences to help you answer messages with a single click.

Typly solves the problem of having too many unread messages by providing automatic response suggestions that match the context of the conversation.

Typly's dating function suggests flirting sentences based on image processing techniques, analyzed descriptions, and successful conversations on dating apps.

Typly's Sentence Bundles marketplace allows you to diversify your conversation with text from movies, viral posts, or specific industry wording.

Typly learns your texting habits and adjusts the set of sentences based on external data sources to provide personalized suggestions.

Typly's Core Features include a full keyboard, glide typing, user personalization, and sentence bundles from favorite movies and books.

Typly brings the benefit of suggesting answers best suited to the context of the conversation, saving you time in writing back.

Typly's dating function helps users impress others with fun and creative texts from the beginning of their virtual relationship.

Typly's Sentence Bundles marketplace allows users to choose unique feedback and diversify their conversations.

Typly's first users have experienced faster replies, more interesting conversations on dating apps, and an amazing texting experience.

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