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GRID 2.0

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Unleash the power of data visualization with GRID 2.0 - the ultimate all-in-one solution for transforming numbers into captivating narratives. Experience the magic of GPT-3 powered formula copilot.

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What is GRID 2.0?

GRID is a cutting-edge tool that enhances search engine optimization (SEO) by offering a comprehensive answer to the question, "What is GRID?" GRID represents a smart and intuitive spreadsheet surface that seamlessly synchronizes with various spreadsheets and databases. This innovative solution facilitates the visualization of data, enabling users to gain valuable insights. Moreover, GRID boasts a user-friendly interface resembling a traditional spreadsheet, while also providing robust integrations with popular platforms like Notion and Airtable.



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GRID 2.0 Use Cases

Build spreadsheet-powered tools

Control the distribution of your spreadsheet

No more version control issues

Gain insight into your audience

Share or embed your spreadsheet on the web

Save time and money with GRID

Trusted by teams who love spreadsheets

Create tools with GRID that match the power of expensive software

Give clients the ability to manipulate 'what-if' scenarios with GRID

Use GRID to track interactions and usage of your models and calculators

GRID allows you to build interactive reports based on variables from a Google Sheet

Present your commercial model and benefit scenarios in an engaging way with GRID

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