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Join GuruShots, the global photography community for skill improvement, connections, and talent discovery. Upload photos, get feedback, join challenges, and win recognition. Enhance your photography skills with tutorials and resources. Learn, share, and be inspired!

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What is GuruShots?

GuruShots is a popular global photography community that boasts a vast membership base spanning across the globe. It serves as an excellent platform for photographers to enhance their skills, forge new connections, and uncover their artistic potential. By leveraging GuruShots, users gain the ability to effortlessly upload their photos and receive valuable feedback from both peers and industry professionals. Moreover, they can actively engage in themed challenges, partake in group discussions, and submit their captivating shots to exclusive competitions. The community also offers an avenue for members to garner recognition for their work, with the potential to be prominently featured on the homepage. Furthermore, GuruShots provides an extensive array of resources and tutorials, empowering users to elevate their photography prowess. With its welcoming and supportive atmosphere, GuruShots stands as an ideal virtual hub where aspiring and seasoned photographers can learn, collaborate, and draw inspiration from one another.


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GuruShots FQA

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GuruShots Use Cases

Join fresh daily photo challenges and become a Photo Guru!

Start off as a Newbie and work your way up to Guru status. Gain exposure and earn badges that demonstrate your achievements.

Submit your photos to daily photo challenges and receive feedback from millions of people who simply love taking photos.

Experiment with your photos and find out which of them are WOW.

Get instant feedback from 6 Billion + monthly votes.

Win amazing prizes by cool Global Brands.

Get your photos exhibited in galleries around the world.

Tap into a fast-growing community of millions of photo enthusiasts from 120+ countries.

Download our app and get the GuruShots experience anywhere, anytime.

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