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Discover and understand research articles with Scite. Explore citations to find supporting or contrasting evidence for claims. Access expert analyses and opinions on all topics.

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What is Scite?

Scite is a comprehensive platform designed to assist researchers in uncovering and comprehending research articles through the analysis of citations. By showcasing the context in which articles have been cited, Scite enables users to determine whether the citations offer supportive or contrasting evidence for the claims made. With an extensive collection of over 1.2 billion Smart Citations, researchers gain access to expert analyses and opinions covering a wide range of topics.



Pros VS Cons

Scite is a comprehensive research tool that offers access to a vast database, provides research-backed answers, collaborates on essays, and assists in drafting research papers, while also ensuring data privacy awareness and offering a trial version.
However, it has limited customization settings, lacks a mobile app and peer review feature, has limited language support, requires an internet connection, and may not be useful for non-academics due to the unclear reliability of sources.

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Scite FQA

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Scite Use Cases

Ask a question, get an answer backed by real research

Find sources for claims made by language models like ChatGPT

Find expert analyses and opinions on any topic

Find if research has been supported or contrasted

Find appropriate references and data when writing papers

Find highly supported researchers in Parkinson's disease

Find Key Opinion Leaders researching Bevacizumab

Read what research articles say about each other

Extracted citations in a report page

Never waste time looking for and evaluating research again

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