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iChatWithGPT: Hassle-free, seamless chat with ChatGPT on iMessage. Voice control and accessibility on the go from your iPhone or Apple Watch. Try it now!

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What is iChatWithGPT?

iChatWithGPT is a versatile personal AI assistant accessible through iMessage, iPhone, Watch, Macbook, and CarPlay via Siri. This intelligent tool efficiently supports busy professionals by addressing various needs, including answering inquiries, organizing travel plans, sharing recipes, and even providing a platform for venting.



Pros VS Cons

iChatWithGPT is a versatile and convenient chatbot tool that offers a range of services, from mobile Q&A to travel planning and ideation, with features like voice commands, Apple Watch integration, and a user-friendly web app for conversation organization.
However, its limitations include being exclusive to Apple devices, dependency on iMessages without a dedicated app, limited language support, lack of immediate web application, and concerns regarding data privacy measures, as well as the need for continuous internet connectivity and additional cost after 100 messages.

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iChatWithGPT FQA

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iChatWithGPT Use Cases

Create content, get real-time updates, conduct research, stay on track, analyze data, and beyond.

Web Browsing Enabled AI powered web research gives you instant recommendations, news summaries, weather forecasts and even game results.

Keeps You On-track Simple text reminders help you clear your mental list and build habits. Don't miss a thing with timely reminders.

Artist In Your Pocket Visualize your ideas with AI-powered image generation. From conceptual designs to detailed illustrations.

Voice Activated Save as a contact, and use voice commands to tell your phone to send messages easily and hands-free. 'Hey Siri, text GPT'

Upgrade to Pro for unlimited messaging. Just ask your AI assistant how.

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