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Unlock website data effortlessly with Kadoa - the powerful LLM tool for extracting desired information in any format.

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What is Kadoa?

Kadoa is an AI-powered web scraping tool designed to automate data extraction from multiple sources. By utilizing generative AI, Kadoa generates custom web scrapers to effortlessly extract the desired data.



Pros VS Cons

Kadoa is a versatile web scraping tool that offers semantic understanding, adaptability to website changes, and automated data extraction across various fields, providing a no-code solution for extraction with developer integration convenience and email support availability.
However, Kadoa is still highly experimental with an unconfirmed open-source license, limitations in handling logins and bypassing scraping preventions, inability to automate clicks, and a trade-off in model selection, while support channels remain unclear.

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Kadoa FQA

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Kadoa Use Cases

Extract Web Data Easily With AI

Create data workflows effortlessly, without coding.

Turn Websites into APIs

Track prices and availability or collect product data at scale.

Aggregate and parse job postings across thousands of job boards.

Extract valuable data from company websites for customer acquisition.

Gather accurate and real-time financial information for enhanced decision-making.

Extract and transform your unstructured enterprise data for LLMs

Put your Data Extraction on Autopilot with the Kadoa API

Kadoa automated manual work of 2 FTE

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