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Unlock customer insights with Kapiche's powerful analytics platform. Understand behavior, uncover trends, and make informed decisions for personalized experiences.

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What is Kapiche?

Kapiche is an advanced analytics platform designed to enhance your SEO by providing valuable insights into your customers and optimizing their overall experience. With our powerful software, you can efficiently analyze customer data, gaining a deep understanding of their behavior, motivations, and preferences. Our comprehensive suite of features includes natural language processing and sentiment analysis, allowing you to identify customer trends and uncover new opportunities. Visualizing data and gaining actionable insights is made effortless with our intuitive dashboard. By leveraging Kapiche, you can cultivate a better understanding of your customers, foster stronger relationships, and deliver highly personalized experiences. For companies aiming to elevate their customer experience, Kapiche is the ultimate solution.


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Kapiche Use Cases

Ingest and analyze customer feedback data in minutes

Generate deep insights quickly for teams and leadership

Improve company's bottom line

Understand what matters most to customers

Focus on the right things and ignore irrelevant factors

Reduce manual analysis time from weeks to 1 hour

Save 80+ hours of manual coding per month

Process 50,000 NPS responses in 1 hour

Save 10,000+ hours of manual coding

Uncover why a problem occurred and find the root cause

Significantly reduce workload compared to other platforms

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