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Unlock the power of data with Kaskada's AI platform. Collect, analyze, and make informed decisions quickly. Access insights, reduce costs, and drive efficiency.

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What is Kaskada?

Kaskada is an advanced artificial intelligence platform that revolutionizes data management and analysis. It empowers businesses to effortlessly gather, structure, and scrutinize data from various sources, enabling them to enhance their operations, minimize expenses, and boost productivity. With Kaskada, enterprises can effortlessly access data from any origin, even third-party sources, and leverage the potential of machine learning to gain valuable insights and facilitate smarter decision-making. By streamlining the data collection, organization, and analysis process, Kaskada enables businesses to promptly make well-informed choices. Its automated platform facilitates swift data processing and the creation of predictive models, allowing businesses to identify patterns and make superior decisions. Moreover, Kaskada offers an intuitive dashboard that enables users to effortlessly manage their data, generate reports, and access valuable insights. Designed to equip businesses with the necessary tools for efficient and informed decision-making, Kaskada is the ultimate solution for optimizing operations.


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Kaskada FQA

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Kaskada Use Cases

Real-time Aggregation: Precompute model inputs from streaming data with robust data connectors, transformations & aggregations.

Event Detection: Trigger pro-active AI behaviors by identifying important activities, as they happen.

History Replay: Backtest and fine-tune from historical data using per-example time travel and point-in-time joins.

Connect and compute over databases, streaming data, and data loaded dynamically using Python.

Built for scale and reliability: Implemented in Rust using Apache Arrow, Kaskada’s compute engine uses columnar data to efficiently execute large historic and high-throughput streaming queries.

Example Real-Time App: BeepGPT keeps you in the loop without disturbing your focus. Its personalized, intelligent AI continuously monitors your Slack workspace, alerting you to important conversations and freeing you to concentrate on what’s most important.

Getting started with Kaskada is a pip install kaskada away. Check out the Quick Start now!

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