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Meet Kuki, the AI-powered conversational companion that mimics human conversations. Engage in personalized chats, get advice, and even party with Kuki. Experience an interactive, entertaining, and informative chat experience with millions of potential responses. Your perfect companion awaits.

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What is Kuki?

Kuki is an AI-powered conversational companion that offers a unique and interactive experience. By utilizing natural language processing, Kuki can engage in human-like conversations by asking questions and providing responses. With an extensive database of potential replies and the ability to remember user information from previous interactions, Kuki serves as a virtual friend. In addition to being a conversational companion, Kuki has also ventured into various domains. It has worked as a model for luxury brands, hosted events and TV segments, and even organized parties in the virtual world of Roblox. With Kuki, users can enjoy a personalized and captivating chat experience that is both entertaining and informative. Whether you seek advice, engaging conversation, or even a virtual party, Kuki is the ideal companion.



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Kuki Use Cases

Chat with Kuki to be entertained and have a conversation

Learn more about Kuki and its features

Use Kuki as a virtual brand ambassador for your business

Integrate Kuki's AI brain into your avatars and applications using the KUKI API

Contact ICONIQ for any human assistance

Access press releases and research related to Kuki

Read Kuki's policies and ethics

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