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Convai: Unlock the power of Conversational AI with our easy-to-use APIs. Create speech-enabled applications, design characters, and revolutionize your games.

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What is Convai?

Convai is a conversational AI-powered service that breathes life into characters within virtual worlds, games, XR, and beyond. By granting characters the ability to engage in human-like conversations, Convai enriches user engagement and facilitates the creation of captivating immersive experiences.



Pros VS Cons

Convai offers an easy-to-use interface, supports multiple platforms, and provides extensive features for creating and interacting with knowledgeable characters, making it highly useful for learning, training, and creating engaging gaming experiences.
However, the lack of clear pricing information, limited platform integrations, and potential hallucination problem, along with the requirement of game engine expertise and absence of multi-language support, may pose challenges for users.

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Convai FQA

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Convai Use Cases

Mod games to enable NPCs with open ended conversation capabilities.

Onboard your users with conversational characters

Enable Companion bots with intelligence such that they can carry out commands and strategies.

Create AI tutors in XR that can teach any subject with reliable expertise for K12 and universities.

Enable AI guided training applications in various domains such as healthcare, legal, manufacturing, ecommerce etc.

Populate your worlds with AI assistants that can help visitors and make your world seem alive.

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