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Boost customer engagement and close more leads with Lucep. Instant support, real-time lead capture, and AI-powered sales assistant. Start converting leads today!

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What is Lucep?

Lucep is a customer engagement tool designed to enhance businesses' SEO and increase customer satisfaction. It offers various features, such as instant customer support, real-time lead capture, and efficient follow-up with potential customers. With Lucep, managing customer conversations and nurturing leads becomes effortless. The platform provides automated messages, instant chatbots, and an AI-powered sales assistant to identify and convert the right customers into paying ones. Additionally, Lucep's advanced analytics and reporting tools offer valuable insights into customer behavior and engagement, enabling businesses to make informed, data-driven decisions. For companies seeking to boost customer engagement and expedite lead conversion, Lucep is the ideal solution.


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Lucep Use Cases

Use Lucep to qualify your inbound leads and set appointments for your Sales team.

Automated lead qualification system validates numbers, gets leads to confirm their interest, and continues to engage via phone, SMS, email and WhatsApp.

Automate lead qualification process.

Recover abandoned carts and increase sales revenue.

Automate customer service reminders to existing customers.

Plug Lucep into your marketing campaign for easy integration with your website, Facebook/Instagram Lead Ad forms, and Google Ad landing pages.

Run lead qualification campaigns with robotic process automation.

Automatically send qualified leads into your CRM for smart distribution and closing more deals.

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