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Get the perfect pickup line tailored to your crush's interests with Meet Millie. Start impressing today!

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What is Meet Millie?

Millie is an AI dating assistant that offers personalized advice, pick-up lines, creative date ideas, and solutions to relationship problems. With Millie, you have access to top-notch pick-up artist skills and guidance at your fingertips, round the clock.



Pros VS Cons

Meet Millie offers a range of useful features such as personalized poems, pickup line suggestions, and date location recommendations, promoting creativity in dating and increasing response rates on apps.
However, it has limitations in terms of response variety, multi-language support, photo analysis, personal touch, cross-platform syncing, language styles, offline capabilities, user profile learning, and relies heavily on user honesty.

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Meet Millie FQA

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Meet Millie Use Cases

Access the best pick up artists skills, in the palm of your hand, 24/7

Personalised dating and relationship coaching

Generate the perfect introduction message for dating apps

Send customized poems to impress your date

Discover creative activities for impressive dates based on your city location

Resolve arguments with guidance from Millie

Get a creative bio written by Millie to improve your matches

Receive curated answers for your crush's last sentence

Unlimited access to Millie with monthly and yearly plans

14-day free trial available

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