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Empower your sales team with Sales Stack - train your own A.I. to engage clients seamlessly across all channels. Boost conversions today!

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What is Sales Stack?

Sales Stack is a powerful platform that leverages artificial intelligence to enable entrepreneurs, builders, developers, artists, and designers to effectively engage with their customers and optimize sales performance. With a comprehensive suite of applications, Sales Stack facilitates seamless communication across multiple channels, ensuring a world-class selling experience.


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Pros VS Cons

Sales Stack offers a comprehensive suite of features and tools that enhance communication, improve sales outcomes, and provide personalized content, all at an affordable price.
However, it lacks a mobile app, third-party integrations, and offline functionality, and there is a potential for disruption in communication flow, as well as limitations in language support and accessibility of encrypted data for analytics.

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Sales Stack FQA

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Sales Stack Use Cases

SalesStack uses artificial intelligence to help SDR's, entrepreneurs, builders, developers, artists and designers communicate with their customers and sell their work like world-class sales people

Lead Engager: Engage and expand your Linkedin connections with A.I. Powered Comments, In-Mails and Messages

Audience Engager: One-click Micro Blogging, Social Media Posts and Personal Stories that engage your Linkedin connections

Pro Caller: Get unprecedented insights into all your client Phone Calls with voice-to-text A.I. transcripts that summarise conversations, extract key takeaways and analyse customer sentiments

Pro Emailer: Write emails at light speed using nothing more than a few keywords

Sales Stack apps are built to work together in unison and complement each-other across communication channels. There are four pillars that makes Sales Stack unique:

Memory: Have you contacted your client on LinkedIn before calling? Have you emailed first? What did you discuss and what should you say next? Sales Stack keeps all coms it helped create in memory and adapts communication to match context and sequence.

Continuity: A Phone Call conversation log can become an Email, a LinkedIn comment can be referenced in a Post, and a conversation can become a call script. Sales Stack makes communication flows happen at break-neck speed.

Personality: Sales Stack trains AI on your profile and activity to increase target market relevancy, match your communication style, touch on topics that engage your audience and know how to reference back yo your product or service in the topic of the conversation.

Privacy: When dealing with communication, there is nothing more important than privacy and security. That's why we've encrypted all the apps end-to-end, so nobody but you has full visibility over your business communication.


Join the fastest growing Sales AI Community: Our journey to change the way you communicate to customers has just begun. Join our community of early adopters to be part of the beta releases, contribute with feedback and make new friends.

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