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Discover the incredible potential of Nack AI, an AI-powered app for iPhone and Android. Engage in chat and create stunning images with ease. Unleash the power of AI on your phone!

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What is Nack AI?

Nack is a mobile app that enables users to explore the capabilities of ChatGPT and AI on iOS or Android devices. It offers a user-friendly interface for engaging in AI-powered conversations and creating stunning images.



Pros VS Cons

Nack AI offers an intuitive mobile app with a seamless user experience, affordable pricing plans, and constant updates, making it user-friendly for different budgets.
However, it has limitations such as the need to purchase credits, limited image generation capabilities, no desktop support, and no multi-language support, making it less versatile and restricted in its functionalities.

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Nack AI Use Cases

Enjoy the power of AI from the comfort of your phone. Chat with AI and generate amazing images through a simple interface. We've got you covered for iPhone and Android 👋

Searchable Chat History. Easily search through all your past chats for key messages.

Pin Important Conversations. Keep important conversations pinned at the top of your list.

Familiar Chat Experience. Enjoy a chat experience that feels like all of your favourite chat apps.

Image Generator. Bring your images to life with our text-to-image generation tool.

Shareable Messages. Share messages with friends and family across any social platform.

So Much More... We've got so much more in store. Download Nack today to get involved.

Generate amazing images with our fine-tuned AI model with a base of over 2 billion images.

Pricing plans for every budget. Free. Limited offer. Basic Chat & Image Functionality. $ 0 p/m. Free Forever.

200 Free Credits. 30 day chat history. Limited AI Capability. AI Chat + Image Generation.

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