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Experience the #1 text to speech solution for personal, commercial, and educational use with NaturalReaders. Enhance your reading experience effortlessly.

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What is NaturalReaders?

NaturalReader is an advanced text-to-speech software and AI voice generator. It effectively transforms text, PDF files, and other formats into high-quality spoken audio. This incredible tool enables users to conveniently listen to their documents, ebooks, and educational materials.


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NaturalReaders FQA

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  • How does text to speech help students with dyslexia or other learning disabilities?icon plus
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NaturalReaders Use Cases

Use NaturalReader to convert text, PDF, and 20+ formats into spoken audio for personal use

Access NaturalReader on all platforms with one account

Use the online app to drag and drop files, including PDFs and images, and listen in-app or convert to mp3 files

Listen to your documents, ebooks, and school materials on the go with the mobile app

Listen to emails, news, articles, and Google Docs directly from the webpage with the Chrome extension

Convert and download audio licensed for use on YouTube, eLearning platforms, or any other public use or redistribution purpose

Add emotions and effects to bring your voiceover to life with the AI Voice Generator

Create voice-overs with different voice styles such as friendly, terrified, sad, shouting, whispering, cheerful, unfriendly, angry, excited, and hopeful

Use EDU for students and teachers to add members, share documents, and manage classes

NaturalReader helps individuals with dyslexia or other learning disabilities by providing text-to-speech functionality and other features like dyslexia font, flexible reading speeds, and highlighted text

NaturalReader EDU assists students in being more independent and supports learning at home with the Chrome Extension and Mobile Application

Use text-to-speech technology to create voiceovers for company training videos, product explainer videos, YouTube and podcasts, eLearning content, and advertisements

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