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NeuroSpell: Boost your writing with our AI-powered spelling and grammar auto-corrector. 30+ languages supported. Train for specific vocabulary and enjoy features like charge optimization, proofreading RPA, and more.

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What is NeuroSpell?

NeuroSpell is an advanced auto-corrector powered by deep learning that specializes in improving spelling and grammar. Utilizing a neural network, it effectively detects and rectifies errors in multiple languages. Additionally, NeuroSpell can also function as a versatile translator for various languages. Its primary objective is to enhance the overall quality of text by refining spelling, grammar, and sentence structures. Furthermore, it can be tailored to specific domains by training it on specific vocabularies and errors, enabling domain-specific corrections. Users have the flexibility to select from a wide array of languages for auto-correction and translation. Notably, NeuroSpell ensures data privacy by allowing on-premise deployment without any external data transmission. It encompasses a range of features, including typo correction, punctuation correction, complex flexions correction, and identification of non-native errors.



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