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Streamline document signing with OneSpan Sign - an intuitive digital signature solution that ensures legality, security, and efficiency. Get documents signed electronically with ease.

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What is OneSpan Sign?

OneSpan Sign is a user-friendly digital signature solution designed to simplify the signing process and enable businesses to obtain electronic signatures efficiently. By utilizing OneSpan Sign, users can securely send documents for signing, track their progress in real-time, and access a comprehensive audit trail of all signing activities. This platform offers a range of features that ensure the legality and compliance of documents with industry regulations. Additionally, OneSpan Sign incorporates advanced security measures, including authentication, encryption, and digital certificates, to guarantee the safety and privacy of documents. By utilizing OneSpan Sign, businesses can save valuable time and resources on document processing, enhance customer satisfaction, and mitigate the risk of fraud. With its streamlined electronic signing process, OneSpan Sign empowers businesses to swiftly and securely obtain signed documents while eliminating concerns about legalities.


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OneSpan Sign Use Cases

Use Case 1: Money transfers

Use Case 2: Financing, lending & mortgages

Use Case 3: Retail banking use cases

Use Case 4: Commercial banking use cases

Use Case 5: Insurance use cases

Use Case 6: Employee authentication

Use Case 7: E-contracting

Use Case 8: Human resources

Use Case 9: Patient onboarding

Use Case 10: E-prescribing

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