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SpaCy: Advanced open-source NLP library for fast, accurate text processing. Tokenize, parse, extract info effortlessly. Perfect for experts and newcomers.

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What is SpaCy?

SpaCy is a powerful open-source software library that specializes in advanced natural language processing (NLP). It is specifically designed to assist developers and data scientists in quickly and effortlessly constructing sophisticated NLP solutions. By utilizing SpaCy, you can efficiently process and extract valuable information from vast quantities of text. From tasks like tokenizing and parsing to recognizing named entities and tagging parts of speech, SpaCy offers a diverse range of features that optimize your NLP projects. Moreover, SpaCy is remarkably fast and memory efficient, enabling you to handle extensive datasets without compromising performance. Its user-friendly API and comprehensive documentation make it accessible to both seasoned developers and newcomers. Whether you require a robust tool for advanced text processing or a swift setup, SpaCy is the ideal choice for all your NLP needs.


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SpaCy Use Cases

Build real products or gather real insights using SpaCy. It's easy to install and has a simple and productive API.

Process large-scale information extraction tasks with SpaCy. It's written in Cython and is optimized for efficiency.

Choose from a variety of plugins and integrate SpaCy with your machine learning stack to build custom components and workflows.

Use SpaCy to analyze syntax, find named entities, phrases, and concepts in text.

Train and evaluate models faster with Prodigy, an annotation tool that enables rapid iteration.

Reproducibly train custom pipelines with SpaCy v3.0 using the comprehensive and extensible training system.

Get a custom SpaCy pipeline tailored to your NLP problem by SpaCy's core developers.

Learn how to build advanced natural language understanding systems with SpaCy through a free online course.

Compare the accuracy of different SpaCy pipelines and named entity recognition systems with benchmark results.

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