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Discover the world with OpenStreetMap's free, detailed maps, satellite imagery, and 3D terrain. Explore anywhere, find points of interest, and trust in constantly updated data. Perfect for travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, and professionals.

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What is OpenStreetMap?

OpenStreetMap is a free, open-source mapping platform that offers a comprehensive global overview of your surroundings. It provides detailed vector maps, satellite imagery, and 3D terrain data to help you easily explore and navigate anywhere in the world. With a vast library of user-generated data, including points of interest, public transport routes, and local business listings, OpenStreetMap is an invaluable tool for travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, and professionals needing accurate and up-to-date maps. Trustworthy and constantly updated, OpenStreetMap ensures reliable data for all your mapping needs.


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OpenStreetMap FQA

  • Where can I find directions between two points?icon plus
  • What are the available transportation options?icon plus
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OpenStreetMap Use Cases

Find directions between two points

Edit with iD (in-browser editor)

Edit with Remote Control (JOSM, Potlatch, Merkaartor)



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