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Outboundly: AI-powered LinkedIn research and messaging tool. Easily generate personalized cold messages, sales strategies, and templates. Get started now!

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What is Outboundly?

Outboundly is an AI-powered Chrome extension that offers a simplified solution for cold outreach. By utilizing advanced AI technology, it generates highly personalized prospecting messages, enhancing the effectiveness of communication. With its ability to instantly analyze websites and LinkedIn profiles, Outboundly crafts personalized messages that resonate with recipients, leading to significantly improved response rates.


Price starting at $24/mo.

Pros VS Cons

Outboundly is a Chrome extension that automates LinkedIn prospecting, personalizes outreach messages, increases response rates, and provides useful tips and tricks for businesses, with options for both standard and pro packages, a B2B community feature, and no hidden fees.
However, it is limited to Chrome extension only, has a limit on messages, may have variations in personalized messages, requires initial setup, has complicated pricing packages, lacks API integration, and is limited to email and LinkedIn.

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Outboundly FQA

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Outboundly Use Cases

Outboundly is a Chrome extension that simplifies cold outreach by leveraging AI to generate personalized prospecting messages.

Instantly generate highly personalized emails based on your prospect’s website, blog posts, social media profiles and more! Get 6X higher response rates.

Outboundly users have reported an increased response rate from potential customers by up to 6X.

Sign up and install the Chrome extension from the web store.

Go to a LinkedIn profile or any website and open the message window or connection request.

You can quickly generate and send personalized messages to your LinkedIn prospects.

Outboundly software transforms the process of creating personalized prospect emails into a quick and effortless task.

You can generate highly personalized emails based on your prospect's Website, Blog posts, Facebook profile, Tweets and more!

Choose an option below to get started: FREE, STARTER, SOLO, BUSINESS.

Stay up to date with the latest happenings.

Outboundly Joins Prestigious 1871 AI Innovation Lab Cohort of 2023.

7 Ways Savvy B2B Businesses are Utilizing AI to Transform Their Industries.

Artificial intelligence In Prospecting and Sales.

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