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Save time and stay on top of your inbox with Helperemail. Get automated responses using NLP and cutting-edge GPT technology. Maximize productivity in just a few clicks!

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What is helper.email?

Helperemail is a convenient solution for busy professionals who need to manage their inbox effectively. By utilizing natural language processing (NLP), Helperemail understands users' emails and offers automated responses. This innovative platform saves users valuable time by simply sending their OpenAI API key to ask@helpermail.io, resulting in immediate automated responses. Powered by advanced GPT technology, Helperemail analyzes incoming emails and provides natural language-based solutions. From addressing customer inquiries to scheduling meetings and organizing your inbox, Helperemail handles it all efficiently. Setting up this user-friendly tool is a breeze, requiring just a few clicks. With Helperemail, you can enhance your productivity and ensure you never overlook an email again.



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helper.email Use Cases

Use case 1: Writing emails: Use helper.email to generate emails by sending your OpenAI API key to ask@helper.email. The GPT model will write your emails for you, saving you time and effort.

Use case 2: Summarizing long threads: helper.email can also summarize long email threads for you. Just provide your OpenAI API key and the model will generate a concise summary of the thread.

Use case 3: Integration with any email client: You can use helper.email with any email client. Simply send your OpenAI API key to ask@helper.email and start using the service with your preferred email client.

Use case 4: Privacy assurance: Your email messages are not stored or logged by helper.email. However, your API key is stored, so it is recommended to create a new dedicated key for enhanced security.

Use case 5: Bugs and feedback: If you encounter any bugs or have feedback, you can reach out to @mikesoylu on Twitter.

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